Simplify the 'Big Picture' for your family 

Our information shouldn't be overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. Kinnect makes it easy to comprehensively manage and understand the people, information and processes that matter most from one place.

Solutions for families to manage information, people and processes holistically in one place.


Designed to meet the needs of any family without the burden of custom development.


Kinnect is customizable and easy to use for families of any level of complexity. 


How it works


Each user controls their information, private network, sharing and permissions autonomously. The experience is optimized for each individual by putting them at the center of the people, information and processes that are relevant to them.


Professional users work from an enterprise platform that seamlessly integrates with both professional and family accounts to strengthen communication and collaboration relevant to their involvement in the affairs of their clients and their families.

Gary Bonner
20+ Years In Executive Advisory Roles 

"Kinnect is light years ahead of anything else in the market"

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