This Is Personal To Us

We keep people, information and processes in sync.

Our Story

Learning from the past

Our founder took a major family issue and turned it into a universal solution. 


Family information management can be complex and opaque. For the past several decades, the rate of change for the quantities and types of information a family is responsible for has outpaced the rate of change for available solutions to manage this information. 


In 2017, our founder's grandmother passed away. Heartache was immediately compounded by frustration for his family as they became aware of the extent of what they didn’t know. The process of piecing everything together took years and caused major rifts in his family which started his journey to help his family and others avoid these situations in the future.

Our Mission

To empower families to control and understand the big picture

In the beginning, Kinnect was created to meet the needs of families of all levels of complexity. As families brought their advisors, accountants and attorneys into the system, we began to learn how to meet the needs of professional stakeholders as well. 


Today we have fully comprehensive family and professional platforms that seamlessly integrate to help bring order to chaos for everyone who needs to make sense of the complex networks of people, information and processes that revolve around each family. 

Our Executive Team

Our Board & Advisors