About Kinnect

We want to empower all people to communicate effectively with those who matter most, so those who rely on us have everything they need in the future.

Kinnect’s Leadership Team

Kyle is a family-oriented serial entrepreneur who founded his first company in college in 2009, and hasn’t looked back since. He is a highly competitive, objective leader whose driving force is to create the best place for families to communicate effectively. 
Dilip Khemani is a curious hobbyist developer who has been a startup founder as well as CTO to several established companies. He brings 20 years of global work experience in building & managing tech teams and systems across a variety of tech stacks and scales. He creates balance in building the right product and building the product right, along with building the product right now!
Aaron Arroyo is an Executive IT leader with 20 years of hands-on technical experience specializing in application development, engineering, and architecture. Aaron has led a diverse group of technology teams ranging from both small to large. One of the most recent teams Aaron has led was a global team with a yearly budget of $10 million and was responsible for $90 million in yearly revenue.
Ashish holds first class honors in Economics. In his first job he managed Delhi city operations at mygate.com, a solutions aggregator for residential communities. Before joining Kinnect, he was working on 1application, a platform to simplify application management for international students. He enjoys playing soccer and hiking in the mountains.

Kinnect’s Advisory Board

Linda Bready

Gary Bonner

David Friedman

Tyson Strauser

Molly Knappen

Pallop Angsupun

Our Story

Shortly after my grandmother passed away in 2017, grief quickly became compounded by frustration as my family realized we didn’t know what important information she had, or where to find it.

It ended up taking my family over a year to get access to everything we needed – things like legal documents, insurance policies, family records, assets, liabilities, & other information that only she knew about.

We created Kinnect to make it easier for all families to make sure the next generation has what they need, when they need it – and avoid predictable hardships that often come at the worst of times.

Molly Knappen contributes to Kinnect as a strategic advisor with an emphasis on product. Her 25+ years of design and product management background bring deep knowledge of roadmaps, strategic plans, UI/UX, and feature definition. Directly relevant to Kinnect, Ms. Knappen’s professional experience extends to white-label, B2B enterprise SAAS married to B2C consumer portals in highly regulated verticals. Her eye is entrepreneurial and pragmatic. As a former founder herself, Molly cites high-growth environments, rapid iterative product builds, fundraising, and cross-functional team building as being a special joys.

Pallop Angsupun is the Chief Risk Officer at JST Capital, a digital assets financial services firm.  He is a volatility and risk management specialist who previously held positions of Portfolio Manager of the Black Swan Funds at Universa Investments as well as co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Anara Asset Management.