Kinnect Features

Simplified tools to help families communicate effectively


Communicate effectively with the most important people in your life in one central, secure location. In Kinnect, relationships are characterized by type, making it easier to visually organize and understand your family.

Family Vault

The Kinnect vault is a place where you can easily, safely & reliably make sure those who rely on you have what they need, when they need it. From Netflix accounts to insurance policies, it's never been easier to keep your family prepared.

Simplified Sharing

Control access

Share on your own terms and manage who has access to what. Automated distribution systems enable you to make sure that everyone has what they need when they need it.

One central location

A central place where those who rely on you can come to see everything they need now, or in the future. Even if you've restricted access to certain items, they can know that they exist, and where to find them.

Send requests

Kinnect is both a place for you to share, and a place for others to share with you. Easily connect to those who you rely on, and make it easier for them to share information with you.

Permissions Make Life Easier


Easily empower others to help you organize and manage information in folders you select in your vault. This feature has a widespread range of uses from more technologically savvy family members to attorneys, financial advisors and other professionals.


Distributors have the ability to trigger your automated distribution system in the event of the unforeseen. If this happens, a series of failsafes are set off, and upon expiration, your information will end up where you've predetermined. ​


Create and manage the profile for someone else in Kinnect. If you have a dependent, you can aggregate their documents & photos in Kinnect for them, then give them ownership at the right time. ​

Coming In 2021


Let our AI help you manage the process. Tell the Kinnect system what you need to organize and share, and we'll help you make sure everyone has what they need.

Photo & Video

Capture life's meaningful moments with those who matter most by sharing photos and videos in a private, distraction free environment, away from all the negativity.

Family Tree

View your family tree easier than ever before, and make it easy for your family to aggregate knowledge about those who came before us, reducing intergenerational information loss.


Communicate effectively by creating groups or sending individual messages in our optimized family messaging system.


Plan time together as a family with our calendar. Easily integrate your calendars and collaborate effectively when making plans.


Make it easy for those who want to learn more about you to understand who you really are through our legacy and story feature.