Keep your information private & secure 

At Kinnect, earning and maintaining the trust of our users is our highest value and provides the foundation for which our company was built. 

Your data is secure

All information is encrypted end-to-end to ensure it’s safe at all times. Kinnect utilizes bank-level AES 256-bit encryption along with many other tools, procedures and controls to protect our users.

Layers of protection

Kinnect has integrated multiple layers of security across our platform such as two factor authentication to help you protect your account. By enabling two factor authentication, you are protected if someone steals or guesses your password.

Your data is private

We have built a system that prevents us from accessing private information of our users. We don’t use, distribute, share or sell information. You will never be targeted for advertisements based on the information you upload into Kinnect.

Best practices & procedures

Kinnect follows industry standards and best practices to keep your information secure. We regularly audit our system security and code for security issues to identify and address any potential security threats expeditiously.

You’re in control

We understand that you might have different preferences for how you share your Netflix account and your bank information, so you decide who can access each piece of your information, when they can access it, and you can choose to receive a notification if certain records you’ve shared are viewed.