About Kinnect Security

Earning and maintaining the trust of our users is our highest value and provides the foundation for all decisions we make at Kinnect.

We offer you the same Kinnect platform that our team uses to manage and share information with our own families. So we protect your information the same way we protect our own.

Bank grade data security:

All information is encrypted end-to-end to ensure it’s safe at all times. Kinnect utilizes bank-level AES 256-bit encryption to protect our users.

Data privacy:

We don’t use, distribute, share or sell the information of our users under any circumstance.

Layers of protection:

Kinnect has integrated multiple layers of security across our platform such as two factor authentication to help you protect your account.

Best practices & procedures:

Kinnect follows industry standards and best practices to keep your information secure. We regularly audit our system security and code for security issues to identify and address any potential security threats expeditiously.

Premium Security Keys:

Raising the bar for security

Kinnect is proud to be the first consumer information management platform that offers users premium security keys.

Most digital platforms start and stop with bank grade 256-bit end to end encryption. This method alone doesn’t always protect a user’s data from certain security breaches. The reason for this is because the encryption key used to de-encrypt a user’s data is also stored on the same server as their data, and therefore it could be accessible to others in certain scenarios.

Kinnect’s premium security keys are not stored on the same server as our user’s data. In fact, they’re not stored at all by Kinnect.

The good news is that this means if there were some sort of security breach, any files which have been protected with a premium key will not be accessible. The bad news is that if a user loses or forgets a key, we can’t recover it. We enable users to give their keys names, and add hints for them to decrease the probability of this happening.

We’ve made it easy for users to create security keys, and apply them to files they choose so our users can have peace of mind knowing that they can make their information inaccessible to potential security threats, or anyone internally in Kinnect.