Wills: 5 Quick Tips You Should Know

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#1: Sticky Notes Don’t Count

estate planning documents checklist

Unfortunately, it’s not official to write “I leave everything to Fluffy” on a piece of paper. You’ll need three people to sign off on your request: two to witness, and an appropriate individual to notarize it.

#2: Use Internet for Basic, Humans For Complex

estate planning documents checklist

Your estate may not be complicated – such as sharing money evenly amongst a few heirs – feel free to try one of many online resources. When your situation is more complex, with business interests or trusts, you might want to speak with an attorney.

#3: Kids? Name a Guardian Immediately

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You do not want the courts deciding where your children will go in the unlikely event something unexpected happens. By default, they very well may send your little ones to your closest relative…have a long think about that.

#4: Go-Time

estate planning checklist

You’ve thought about your beneficiaries, now it’s time to choose an Executor to ensure your Will is completed the way you want. This is where you’ll be able to get into the detail of your exact wishes.

#5: Secure Everything and Open Communication With Your Family

estate planning lawyer

Your will should be safe and secure, but still easily accessible to you and your loved ones. Lock it up, and ensure your attorney has an official copy on file if you go that route. Make sure your family knows where to look, better yet, use Kinnect to make it all the more simple and secure for everybody.

Next Steps

However you choose to create your will, be sure to secure and share it.

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